Uni Abex Alloy Products Ltd. produces static, centrifugal castings and assemblies in heat and corrosion resistant alloys. Manufacturing quality alloy products is its prime focus. As a leader in alloy steel castings, Uni Abex has made a significant contribution to various industries in the last three decades.
Product range
Refinery, Petrochemical & Fertilizer industry
Sponge Iron industry
Decanter Manufacturers
Reformer tubes/ Catalyst tubes
Harp Assemblies
Hot Collectors/ Headers
Air Injection Tubes
Feed Tubes
Heat Protection Tubes
Bowl Cylinders
Bowl Cones
Conveyor Cylinders
Iron & Steel industry
Galvanizing Plants
Metal Gasket Manufacturers
Glendon Coils
ROT Rolls
Normalizing Furnace Rolls
Sink Rolls
Stabilizer Rolls
Entry Seal Roll
Ring Segments
Furnace Manufacturers
Valve Manufacturers  
Radiant Tubes / Hearth Rollers
Water Cooled Rolls
Cages / Seat Rings / Balls
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