Why choose centrifugal casting process over other methods of castings

Centrifugal casting is a casting technique that is used to cast thin-walled cylinders. In the centrifugal casting process, molten metal is poured into a spinning mould. The mould can spin either on a vertical or horizontal axis depending on required configuration. 

Ring and cylindrical shapes are cast with horizontal centrifugal casting manufacturing process and conical shapes are made with vertical centrifugal casting manufacturing process. 

Centrifugal casting manufacturing technology is used to manufacture products used in industries like Refinery, Petrochemical and Fertilizer Plants, Sponge Iron, Steel plants, Galvanizing plants etc. 

Products like Reformer Tubes or Catalyst Tubes, Radiant coils, Radiant Tubes, Sink Rolls, Furnace Rolls, Air Injection Tubes, etc. are manufactured by Centrifugal Casting process.

Features of centrifugal casting 

1. Castings can be made in any length, thickness and diameter. 

2. Different wall thicknesses can be achieved in centrifugal casting process 

3. Good mechanical properties due to formed grain structure in centrifugal action 

4. The uni directional solidification of molten metal ensures excellent sound wall thickness

5. The impurities generally migrate to the ID of the tube, which can be later machined to obtain a perfect product without surface defects or impurities

6. Centrifugal casting eliminates mid wall defects.

Uni Abex Alloy Products limited is pioneer and leading centrifugal and static casting manufacturer from India. Uni Abex is capable of delivering single piece tube of 6m length for diameters upto 200mm & maximum lengths of 1.5m for diameters upto 1050mm. Minimum internal tube diameter of 30mm upto a length of 2.5m. For conical parts, we can offer top diameter upto 1200mm and height of 1500mm.

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